Monday, February 02, 2009


Hi Marty, I wanted to add a few of my personal recollections to some of the  recent postings.

(1) Normands photo of the Biel house reminded me that Mr Biel used to cut hair in his front porch which was enclosed and he was able to compete with "Bud the Barber" Hollingdrake.

Because  of his lower overhead he didn't charge as much as "Bud",however there was always a question of Mr. Biel's  one style fits all approach. If I remember correctly the horse in the picture belonged to Mr. Biel's son Terry. 

(2) One of the myths about Goose Village that I rememebr was that it was so named because many of the women in the village used to pluck the feathers for the area meat markets.

And if I am not mistaken the Southern Counties train used to wind it's way through the village after it left the station on the Montreal side of Victoria Bridge over to Mill Street and then Black's Bridge to the terminus at the foot of McGill Street.

(3) If one wanted to get to "The Point" after debarking the M&S C you could catch the Centre Street trolley which would take you to the end of Centre Street at Atwater where the Sherwin Williams paint Company was.

Does anyone remember the big neon sign atop the building with paint pouring down over a globe and the cutline underneath it saying "Covers the World"?

(4) To add to Richard W's description of the RR tracks which ran through the Country Club, the tracks were also the western boundary of Joe marcotte's farm and right where Charles Creek passed under the tracks it formed a great swimming hole where passengers on the train could always catch a bunch of naked boys swimming as the train passed by.

(5) I don't recognize anyone in George Vine's military photo ,but I'm guessing some of his neighbours __The Philp's boys-- and George's Dad were in the pic.


Thanks John.

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