Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Seville Theater

Hi Marty, Another venerable Montreal Institution The Seville Theatre is about to go under  the demolition hammer. Back in 1955 I remember taking a young lady on a date to The Seville.

The price was $2.50 each( a lot of money in those days but she was worth it) and for that we saw a movie(The Bob Mathias Story) Jan August a well known pianist of the day and The Four Lads Quartet from Toronto who were at or near the top of the  Hit Parade at the time.

Some of your other subscribers might remember the block from Closse to Chomedey on St Catherine as housing The Texan Restaurant and a  car dealership (I'm not sure which one) JMcC


You can see a report as was shown on the news by clicking on the > on the top right with the photo of the two newscasters.

Thanks John


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