Thursday, February 12, 2009

The SR-71 Link

Other than the shuttles this is the fastest aircraft ever flown! This comes

> to us from a person making the following statement; "the most interesting,

> most exciting five years of my life were spent in the program, as a KC-135

> refueling pilot. Where the Blackbird went, we went."


> Grab your beverage and relax for a few minutes of awesome beauty. The SR-71

> was the creation of Kelly Johnson, Lockheed, Eisenhower and the Air Force.

> It was envisioned in the '50s, first flew in the early '60s, retired in the

> '80s, briefly brought back in the '90s.


> In all, 13 units of the single seat A-12 were built, and 32 of the Pilot +

> Recon two seat SR-71 units were built. Five A-12 were lost, one is stored.

> Twelve two seaters were lost.


> The remaining 27 are on display around the USA.


> So enjoy. One more thing. The author of the captions to the picture in this

> video made one misstatement, due to youth.  The U-2 Recon aircraft was

> created in 1955, flew operationally in 1956. Kelly thought the USSR would

> shoot it down in 18 months. Lucky us, it flew until Gary Powers was downed

> on 1 May 1960. But Kelly Johnson already had the go-ahead from Ike for the

> A-12. It first flew in 1962, JFK kept the manufacture of it active. No one

> told LBJ, 'cause everyone knew he would spill the secret. He wasn't told til

> the week after JFK left us. And sure enough, LBJ gave out the secret in a

> matter of months.


> You will see several refuelings in the following.


> Click here to see the slideshow:




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