Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The GPK Feral Cat Has a Care Taker

Good day

 I live in Greenfield Park, on Margaret street, near Vercheres

 and have seen the pictures of the stray cat on the corner of the street that you posted.

 I just wanted to let you know that his name is KITTY! 

I have been feeding this poor stray for over a year now,

 I have set up his bed and food box, and feed him twice a day. 

I have gotten close enough to feed him but never close enough.

 He is super sweet and knows me and waits for me every AM and PM.

He has gone through a lot from what I was told, 

he was probably dropped off in the parking lot of the cinema 

right at the end of Margaret and left there to fend for himself. 

I can tell that he is not an old cat, probably even younger than 

what he looks after living outdoors for over 2 years if not more.

 I just wanted to give you a heads up that he is being fed and that 

I have grown to love him and consider him my own.


Thanks for the pictures. I have saved them!

B. Lacireno

Thanks B

It is real nice to hear that someone takes care of Kitty. 

We rescued a true Feral Cat about a year and half ago. 

He lives with us and has become a treasured family member. 

It is real funny that he was born outdoors 

but has no desire to go outside.


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