Friday, March 13, 2009

Legion Pic Names

Hi  Marty

   I can help a bit on that picture

    back row


  Doris Brown -  Phyllis Caverley - Shirley Pratt - ?   -  Newbury -  Fran ?   -  ?


   front row

 Baverstock         -             ?               - Jean Johnston-  Rita Richmond-  ?  -    ?


  Photo was taken by Bruce Fields    Not sure  but think my mom was 

President that year   and Jean was Vp


   My mom passed on This Jan  and just saw that Shirley Pratt

 just passed over so have Doris  and Phyllis  Dont know about the rest

     Just some trivia for you if it is of any interest       

Noreen Richmond

Thanks Noreen

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