Saturday, March 21, 2009

Memories of King Edward in GPK


 I grew up on (248) King Edward (Ville Lemonye side) throughout the 70's and 80's.  Was devestated when my parents sold their home and moved to Ottawa in the mid 90's.  I was bouncing around on google when I found a photo on your blog about a building at the end of my street (Corner of Victoria Ave).  I remember that building when I was a young boy was a flower shop.

 I still miss the old neighbourhood...visit is at least once per year and just spend time roaming around.  I don't know too many people left there but always take time to have pizza at Miss Italia and pass my old HS (Chambly County High School).

 My father bought the home when King Edward when there were very few homes on the street.  Prior to that, he lived on Riverside Drive during the construction of the seaway.  He too shares a fondness for the area.

 Anyway, felt inspired to share a few lines with you due to the pride for the area.


Best regards,

Rob W.

Thanks Rob


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