Thursday, March 12, 2009

More on Bill Durnan

Hi Marty, just to add to Normand's story about Bill Durnan and his pic of the Legion officers-- (10Bill Durnan was also a great fastball pitcher and in the summer he would play in a montreal city league which played in a ballpark at the north west corner of Ste Catherine and Atwater, across the street from The Forum.

(2) In 1959-60 Bob Freeman in the Legion picture was responsible for recruiting a few of us young "Parkers" (Bill Webb, Bobby Evans,Ken Crawley and myself) to sing in the St Lambert chapter of Barbershop Singers.

We sang with the group for about 1-2 yrs and during that time we formed a Quartet( Bill, Ken I think, Don Gillespie (Devonshire Rd) and myself) and for about six months we were the youngest Barbershop Quartet in Canada.


 PS Gus Richardson was a cub reporter for either the South Shore Echo / Courier circa 1959-60 so I am asking him via the blog to check his files and see if he has some  submissions for your column.

Thanks John

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