Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Blog Sidebar Issue

Add ImageMorning Marty,

 Sorry buddy but it is the same old thing as yesterday. As we discussed, the sidebar at the left disappears when I am on "Internet Explorer" however when I switch to "Google Chrome" the blog is fine. I searched for the sidebar tab adjustment but could not locate it either.


To be honest I have to believe the problem is within Canada and has something to do with a glitch between "Internet Explorer" and what ever carrier we are using. At this time it appears to be the only explanation. Why does "Google Chrome" work here but not "Internet Explorer"? You and your friends don't have a problem in the US when logging on with "Internet Explorer".


My blog has a similar but different problem when I use "Internet Explorer", at first the sidebar disappeared entirely. I looked for it and there it was ... Gone.  Some sentences ran off the page and out to nowhere land. The sidebar would appear after going in to do some editing and then 2 days later POOF it was gone again.


I have attached photos of my screen so you can see a comparison between Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


In my humble expert opinion "I don't FREAKEN KNOW what the problem is".



Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob,

Your help is much appreciated, like you I believe the problem is not our blog but something with the Canadian Internet System and Internet Explorer by Microsoft.

I can visit your site on Internet Explorer on my PC and I see the site just fine.

May I suggest that you all move in with Ralph Bennett 

as he sees the sidebar just fine..LOL



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