Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hi Marty,


Attached is a photo that I took this morning of a St. Bernard.


The story behind the photo started on Friday morning 

while driving to our job site. As we rounded the corner of 

Eglington and Tomkin in Mississauga there on the

 grass island was this full grown 

St. Bernard chained to the fire hydrant. I said to Tom, 

my business partner, "Wow look at that statue."

 Tom says, "Its real, I saw the head move". "Whoa", I say "I missed that".


Saturday we make the same turn and Lo and Behold 

there is the dog again... same position hasn't moved at all.... 

Tom swears once again that he saw the head move..... 

sooooo today we are determined to get a picture...... 

we make the turn and.... you guessed it.... no St. Bernard however,

 I notice an outlet store in the commercial plaza.... 

"Turn Here, Turn Here", I yell.....Tom pulls in and 

I make him stop at the outlet store.... he doesn't want to

 because he is afraid I will find the St. Bernard inside.


Well sure enough there he stands.... the porcelain monster... 

the St. Bernard who I now call Twitch... cause Tom saw him move


I tell the saleslady our silly story and she says

 " Never mind we had the dog out two years ago on a real

 hot summer day and someone reported us to the 

Humane Society because we didn't put water out for the dog.



Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob


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