Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weredale pic names

Hi Marty, in answer to Norm's query re my Weredale picture the people are, Top L-R Billy MacIntyre,Terry McKee, Myself and Ken Moore, kneeling ?, Eric Pittner,Bobby Gaylor, Norm Coull and Edward Eby. An interesting sidelight is that Eric Pittner's dad worked at the same Barbershop as Jim amd Bob Godefroy's father. The Shaftesbury Barbershop on St Catherine St right near the RCMP headquarters was the place where we Weredale kids went to have our locks shorn. Every three weeks we were issued a card which entitled us to a regular haircut. Any deviation from the regular cut cost extra. Since I had a brushcut I had to come up with an extra 10 cents cash each time I had my haircut. In addition ,I had to come up with an extra 35 cents every third or fourth cut to purchase a special stick of soap(especially for brush cuts) to make sure the front hairs of the brushcut stood straight up. I used the soap stick every day. JMcC

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