Sunday, April 12, 2009

All of Father Bob's Brothers Reunite

Hi Marty,

 I was sitting around the house today wondering how wifeypoo was doing at work when I suddenly thought "Hmmmm, Does Marty's readership realize that there is an uncanny resemblance between Father Bob, Rabbi Robert and Buddha Bob" ???? By the way Buddha Bob is really a Buddhist Monk.

 Well surprise folks they are actually quadruplets. Thats right folks identical quads.... Imam Snik' Wah, the forth quad, refused to be photographed with the other 3 infidels. Right from his time in the womb Sniky, as we call him, would not associate with his brothers. In fact Father Bob, Rabbi Robert and Buddhist Bob were born in 1944 while Imam Sniky was born in 1945. He simply would not come out to play with his brothers.

 Such is the life of a religiously diverse family. There is one thing to be thankful for though.... none of the quads are women... oooouu would she be one ugly Mormon.... but then thats another story.


Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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