Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bird has been Identified Bob..

I enjoyed looking up this colourful little guy.

Do you think this might be the right family.

In this hemisphere you wouldn't expect to see

one outside of a cage if at all.

A nice sighting for Bob,.

Thanks for sharing as they say.

Thanks Ed

Hello Marston,


Well, after cheating, by looking this bird up on the internet I found that it is a Crimson Rosella.  Parrot family.  The following is the description that was on the net....I think that it would be really special to have one feed from your hand as stated below........Margaret


Crimson Rosellas swarm around the picnic areas in the Dandenong Ranges as they know they will get a good feed from tourists. They will land on your outstretched hand eating seeds and fruit while clamped to your finger. They quite like seeds - sunflower seeds are however not good for most birds due to their high fat content. Tending to hold food in one claw means the other one needs to clamp on quite tightly to your hand. Your head and shoulders will also be common places on which they perch. The dominant birds will land on your head while the juveniles usually stay on the ground feeding on what has been dropped.

Thanks Margaret W.

The bird of the day is a Crimson Rosella daughter's backyard is full of them :)

 All the best !

 Bev Taylor

 Thanks Bev. T.

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