Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Can We Get Some Names??

Hi Marty

 Brian and I went and spent a few days in the Townships and I had lunch with 3 old friends. Anyone care to take a crack at who they are?

 Sandy R

Thanks Sandy

I know one and one looks very familiar

The picture of the four ladies the one in front on the left could it be Doreen Geary it is so long since I have seen her but from school thought it may be her.


David Wright (Horseman)

Still Galloping Along

Thanks Bud

Hi Marston,

I would guess that three of the ladies are Marianne Kuttner, Sandra Snow and Janet Allen????  The 4th lady looks very familiar but I can't put a name to her.  Who else can guess?

Diane B.


Girls are Cathy Fry, Gerda Stobrick, Janet & Myself.

 Did I stump you ?


Thanks Ladies


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