Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Comments and Memories

Hi Marty, I think that Doug Garrett's idea of the virtual bike cross-Canada ride is a great way to focus some additional attention on the 2011 Centennial celebrations . Congratulations Doug.

Maybe there is somewhere of linking up the centennial site with Doug's map so that people can follow his progress. I will try and set it up. I remember Ken Hughes who wrote to you earlier about his family in the Perras block on Third.

He was obviously older than any of us Third Street gang members and we sort of looked up to Ken, Percy Watmore, George and Donnie Holgate, the Sauve brothers and Grant Mead (all in the same block of homes) as our mentors and protectors.

Seeing Ken's Picture of their house reminded me that each of the families living in those 8 homes had a garden out behind their respective houses which provided us gang members with a ready supply of red tomatoes for eating or green tomatoes which we used as missiles against the corrugated tin garage in the Lunn's yard at the corner of Third and Murray. JMcC

Thanks John McC.

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