Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Early Years

Hi Marty,

 A funny thing happened this morning while I was on the phone with Tonto. At the same time as we were talking I was on Facebook when suddenly this photo appeared on the Cisco Kids home page.  Now I hadn't heard from Cisco (pronounced See's Ko) in years apparently he had been following my world of fantasy. Anyway, Cisco doesn't have a computer, in fact he still doesn't drive, seems he is stuck in the 50's. He did however have this this photo of Louise and Normand in their younger years sent to me. Apparently Pancho is now into Information Technology and does all of Cisco's technical work.

 The photo is from when Normand was learning to do the wash. I would send you the photo of him doing the wash by hand but it is considered X-rated. It seems Normand had difficulty grasping the concept of doing the wash by hand, what can I say.

--Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob H.

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