Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fairfield at Churchill

Hi Marty,

 The photo with the streetcar taken on Churchill near Fairfield brought back some memories. The house on the right side with the front verandah looks like it might be the Fry family house. Just around the corner on Fairfield was the Holcrofts and a few houses along Fairfield on the right side of the street was the house where I was born.


Here is a photo of our family taken in our back yard about 1944. I am the little guy being held by my mother. Little did I know that I would end up on the other side of our planet. Here is a photo of the same house in 1993. Before the re-numbering it was 61 Fairfield Avenue.


And thanks to you Marty I have been able to contact Keith Morrison after 45 years. Today I also received an e-mail from Doug and Anne Gregory. They are currently at the very top end of Australia after visiting us on the Sunshine Coast.



Bob G

Thanks Bob

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