Sunday, April 19, 2009

Google 411 service

Haven't tried it myself but it sounds like a great service........



Spread the word...another great idea from really works as advertised.

Click on the link below and watch the short clip for a quick demonstration.




Not sure if you know about this....but it works and is free for all landlines..and cell, try it


Subject: Google 411 a.k.a. 1-800-466-4411


This is neat GOOGLE=2 0411

 I tried this and it works from Canada

 This is one email that no one should mind you passing on as it will save

 them money..

 Leave it up to Google to come up with something like this!!! .........

 Here's a number worth putting in your cell phone and your home

 phone speed dial: 1-800-goog411. (a.k.a. 1-800-466-4411)

 This is an awesome service from Google, and it's free -- great

 when you are on the road.

 Don't waste your money on information calls and don't waste your

 time manually dialing the number.

 I am driving along in my car and I need to call the golf course

 but I don't know the number. (Read my example below and watch the short

 video before you try this.)

 I hit the speed dial that I have programmed in (800-goog411), for


 The voice at the other end says, "City & Province."

 I say, " Calgary , Alberta "

 He says, "Business, Name or Type of Service."

 I say, "Firewheel Golf Course."

 He says, "Connecting" and Firewheel answers the phone.

 How great is that? This is nationwide and Google provides the

 service absolutely free!

 No "Information" charge, and no long distance charge.


Thanks Win S.


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