Friday, April 10, 2009

GPK in the early years

Hi Marty,

The photo and write-up of Harold Douris submitted by Fred Goodall jostled a few of the grey cells. Long ago, before they moved to Miller Ave. the Douris family lived down the street from us on Murray Ave. right opposite the place where the Churchill Creek passed  under Murray and made two 90 degree turns to continue on its way to the Country Club of Montreal and subsequently through Marcotte's farm to the St. Lawrence River.

That area where the creek made its turns was like a small wild park between Houlton's and Young's. I remember Harold,when I was quite young, him 14 and me 7,as an individual who always had a bit of edge to him. Perhaps it was because his dad used to have a crude boxing setup in their garage and taught his sons to protect themselves.

I have chatted with Harold at the Ronnie Smith Memorial for the past few years but I have also talked with people who played Old Timers hockey against Harold and according to them he has not lost his edginess(sharp elbows). This caused me to wonder whether Harold rather than retiring has been sent to the penalty box for a while. JMcC

Thanks John

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