Monday, April 20, 2009

Great Performance from days gone by.

Be sure to watch to the very end ! !

Two of the greatest hoofers that ever came down the pike.

ELEANOR POWELL was just too good. FRED ASTAIRE never
elected to be paired
with her again. He, evidently felt it was not to his
benefit, but they were
both great. Frank Sinatra said we will not see the likes of
this again.

Eleanor Powell is fully clothed with a dress below her
knees, and in high
heels, sadly a bygone era of civility and grace.

1. They are not rolling around on the floor

2. The year: 1940 (69 years ago)

3. The narrator is Frank Sinatra.

4. It was filmed in ONE unedited camera shot! Amazing!

Thanks Bob H.

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