Friday, April 03, 2009

Ground Zero for the Virtual Trip to GPK

Ho Marston


It's the 1 st day of April.. A good as any day to start from home. The day is crispy cool with a good tail wind I should be able to get a good start

As I put on the kms each day I will tally them and transpose them on to my brand new Canadian Government Issue, Map of Canada. I suppose it will be much like trying to make a Moose out of a cow carcass but I will try to make this into a believable bike trip to Greenfield Park Quebec while I warn you advance its only virtual. Meanwhile I will be sitting at home in my warm cosy office, leaving only to drive my bike around the city Park infrastructure to earn kilometers and to grab hot chockolate and oatmeal cookies to sustain me.

If you get bored before I do don't tell me, just read the rest of the Park blog..  maybe something will show up to grab your attention in the next 3500 kms




I started about 9.30 a.m. this morning from mile zero, our house.  I joined Highway # 1 where the world's tallest TeePee is located.

It was built for the Winter games in Calgary, remember the one where  the Jamacian Bobsled Team entered their  first ever second hand patched up bobsled as challengers ? John Candy featured as the coach of a raggly bag team of Jamacians who rode a wild ride almost to Victoty..  When the Games were over they didn't know what to do with the TeePee so they offered to give it away to whomever was willing to pay to carry it off over the hills.  Medicine Hat got all excited and jumped at the chance. Well it had to be dismattled of course, hauled in specially equipt trucks and then re-assembled only by engineers who'se credetials had to include building the Egyptians pyramids

THe thing is 10 stories high, as you can see from the picture of me inside, under the third circle. Its anchored by hugh conrete footings.  The total bill was over a million bucks for this " FREE TEEPEE" and when the dust had settled, they discovered what the Calgarians already knew. It was beautiful but completely useless. You can't put anything in it as its open to the fickle prairie skies, meaning you fry in the summer and freeze in the winter. Every charitable orginaization we own has had a go trying to

create a way to make it generate a few bucks Even the local native bands have put beautiful shileds featuring aboriginal art on the up rights. I included some pictures of a few of them. They had a mobile home to house a small staff of interpreters parked under it for a while, but  they packed their tents and disappeared leaving the art work behind.

All there is now is a big sign with an arrow " World's biggest TeePee" . It seductively beckons, but iwhat it's for, what it represents, what the pictures are trying to convey, well why don't you submit a suggestion on a form, be sure to include 2 copies, a stamped return envelope, and if yours are as bad or worse than what we have come up with, don't expect to hear from us again....


I drove past the shopping center complex which looks just like every other shopping complex in every other city in Canada, and headed out onto the bare prairie.

Last picture shows the view just before the bedroom community of Dunmore and looking south east towards the Cypress HIlls.  Snow is still lingering in the shade and hollows and everything is still dirty brown awaiting the life giving breath of the Chinnook winds which are just just starting to meve in over the Rockies behind us.

I'll let you know where I end up .

 For now

Doug G

Thanks Doug



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