Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Report # 11 April 20 2009


 Temperature went up 20 overnight as a Chinnook blew in from over the Rockies.

 As promised, the scoop on the real massacre right here in The Cypress Hills. I'll ask this big man in the red poke - a  dot flannel shirt and beaver felt hat over here to tell us in his own words

 The name's Kennedy old timer.  Yup, I remember it well.  Seems like it wus only yesterdee. but it wus spring of 18 and 73. Every one wus cussing each other. Indians was been starved out by the buffolo hunters, the whiskey traders was chased every where by the Mounties cause the hootch they was making was killing folks, mostly injuns. The wolf hunters were getting less wolves to poissen as they was running out, so everything was kinda unfriendly like.


.  Ab Farwell, you remember 'ol Ab, he got himself a trading post over there by the crek. Looks kinds shabby now but it was real fashion in those day. Then Big George Hammond and his side kick Moses Solomon, they thunk it would be a great idee to put one right across from Farwell seeing he wus doin so good.  Didn't set too good on Ab's nerves but he didn't say a thing 'till  300 injuns from the Assiniboines came over the hill and camped  right smack dab on the other side of the crek from the traders.. They wus all bone- wracked and starving frrom a hard winter. So's you could tell something was going to happen on account they wus all in a real surely mood.

 Now no one knows for sure but it seems a horse got misplaced and Ol Hammond he sware it was the injuns what sole it. He went over to the wolf hunters and got them all stirred up about getting his horse back or the equivilent in revenge. Well those wolfers was just an itchin to get into a fight on account they had drunk some of the gut rot that Hammond was peddlin.


By the time they got there, the horse had been lo- cated and returned but didn't seem to matter none. The wolfers wus dug in good and had repeater rifles. The Assiniboins didn't have much more than good lungs as they was really a'cussing and a'cursing. Seems they had consumed about as much if not more hooch as done the wolfers

Then suddenly a shot rang out and that was it. Before you could say Bob's your uncle, 20 injuns and one trapper wus dead sprawlled face up in the grass. Those injuns didn't have a chance. Women neither, the camp got burned to the ground and the some of the women ravaged. Sorriest day I ever seen and thats the truth..


So there you have it from Mr Kennedy himself

The locals didn't take the event very seriously but Ottawa surely did. It was the final straw regarding the violation of the USA and Canada border.  They ordered the Mounties in to settle matters and the west was never the same there after.

 I'll be sorry to leave this very interesting spot but I'll get up a 6.00 a.m. with the sun and head over to Eastend

 Cheers for now

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