Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hat to GPK Virtual Trip

HI Marston                               Report # 13                                        April 23 2009


 Total mileage = 569 Kms.....


Left To Go....?     On this route?  At this speed?     Are you serious?


On the prairies, all the Mountains are down hill, and the towns always on or close by a river. Rivers meant wild life and trees meant shelter, so that’s where men and beast alike would go.

 In this case it’s the Frenchman's River.  Now, this totally undisturbed section of Canada shows what I mean. If you want to see more for your self, visit Ilse Upsher's web page at They are still excavating the bones of " Dino, the Dinosaur up on the hill in the enclosed glass building.  You know what its like today in this economy,, Dinosaurs just aren't selling like they used to


This place is noted for its wild life and is the hunting capital of the south east with antelope, mule deer and white tail, pheasant and other upland game everywhere. I'd rather shoot them with a camera and that is exactly what Stephan Langton Goulet does. Here is his web page if you would like to see some of his live trophies, catch him at and click on grasslands. The photos I send to the blog are only a few examples of his work and he was very kind to allow me to use them.


They say out here it’s so wild a man can go loco if he lets his imagination run amok. Everything is just like it was in the old Western Silver Screen days. I keep expecting Tonto and the Lone Ranger to come galloping over the hill.


  What was it that Tonto used to call the Lone Ranger ?... Keem-a-sabe?

Doesn't sabe mean " to know"? like in smart ?


What does Keem-a mean? " extra...not much.."?


He was always getting into trouble and needed Tonto to get him out.


I'll bet it is Navaho for " big, but real dumb"...


What's that got to do with a virtual bike ride you ask.. ?


Out here in the lonely nowhere?,  everything!!     It’s more than curiosity; it's basic primeval survival.  What happens if I meet them and I tell the big guy in the mask to "put it here, Keem-a-sabe "?  I may be still able to ride the range but I'm gettin long in the tooth if ya fetch ma meanin...  He may punch  my lights out like he did to everybody else in the old black and white movies.. What else can you expect from a guy who rides a big White Stallion, wears a big white hat and goes around yelling at the top of his lungs   " Hi- Ho Silver- Away '   so no one can possibly miss him and then puts on a tiny, bitsie black mask and pretends nobody can see him... Now that's one real syco, hombre...


Need ta steer clear of him, pilgram


Hmmm, there's that buffalo eyeing my bike again....gotta go


 Doug G

Thanks Doug



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