Monday, April 27, 2009

Hat to GPK Virtual Trip

HI Marston

This place has produced more artists writers and poets per capita than any place I know. One such, Sharon Butala talks of her experiences with this land and perhaps summarized everyone else's, Quote...

" The single most salient fact about my life as a writer is the degree of steady isolation from the urban literary world in which I've lived it. .....

'....The rural aggregation way of life I found, set in the midst of a starkly beautiful landscape, hoodoos, badlands, coulees, and vast acres of softly rolling native grassland- the extremes of weather and climate and the unique sub-culture they combined to produce...

.......I found it all moving and terrible at its best and worst reaching through the layers of cultural artifice....

...I did not love it, I often hated it, but even then I could not wrench my eyes and my heart away. Nor my pen.  End of quote

If you want to read more of what she said, catch her on


Wallace Stegner, the famous writer’s home is here and has been restored. You can read all about that at  What’s different about it is the fact that any writer or artist can rent the home as a place to have quiet and attractive environment to enhance inspiration for their professional projects.. If you lease it for more than 2 weeks you are encouraged to donate one afternoon or evening to a community presentation so every one wins..



So before I " wrench my self away from it" I include a few more of Steven Langton Goulet's photos. You already have his web address but in case you have forgotten

its  ... enjoy.


 I'm heading east for Shaunavon, Saskatchewan now along the Red Coat trail.  I might even meet Normand heading west. .


Of course anyone wearing a white T-shirt, shorts and sandals holding a sign "Greenfield Park to Tibet" would not go unnoticed in this weather. More likely he will stand out like Buhda at an anorexia’s convention because Its snowing, plus 2, wind at 60 kmph from the west so every one is covered up real good, as they say..  Normand, check the weather channel, I'll be able to hear your teeth chattering for at least 3 kms away. It gets even worse in Kathmandu. May be we should swap. I'm wearing the clothes you need to go over the mountains and you have the clothes I need for Balmy Greenfield Park, n'est pas?


Doug G

Thanks Doug

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