Monday, April 20, 2009

Homes around GPK

Hi Marty,

 Last week I went for a walk and took some photos of houses around the town. Three years ago I concentrated on individual homes. This time I tried to get two or three houses in one shot. I'm sending you three groups, that you can use if you want. The first were taken on or near Empire where I started my walk. The second group was taken on Springfield, and the third group on Fairfield and Maple. I ran into three people or groups of people on the way. Howard Vanier, in front of Buck Wells house (his father-in-law). The second was of Bob Ross (from Watson St. who was walking his dog. Back in the 1970s Bob used to play baseball for the Angels against my team in the Over the Hill Baseball League. The third of some long time Park friends some of whom were planning to sleep in a tent at the Dootson's house on Fairfield. I intend on walking farther afield if people don't mind seeing some more houses on the blog.


John R.

Thanks John

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