Friday, April 24, 2009

Memories of GPK

Hi Marty, the photo submitted by Bob Godefroy brought back a lot of memories.

(1) My mother was a very good friend of Mrs Godefroy

(2) I seem to recall Mrs Godefroy had a gift shop of sorts at her house

(3) I started school in grade 1 with Bob's older brother Jim and

(4) I graduated grade 11 with Bob (yes there were two years where I repeated grade 8 and grade 10 which allowed Bob to catch up ) and

(5) when I was in Weredale in Mtl we used to have to go to the Shaftesbury Barbershop on St Catherine St  west ,near Greene Ave and Mr Godefroy worked there and he was the only barber I would go to because he did an excellent job on my brush cut.


PS good to see you back in action again Bob

Thanks John

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