Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Blog Visiter

Good morning

 My wife Anna May and I have been in Florida for several weeks enjoying the sunshine, we met Norma and Robert Knight for lunch a couple of times

and they told us about the GP Blog. In the evenings when Anna May is watching "Dancing With The Stars" I have been looking at the Blog. It is obvious that

most of the bloggers are at least 10 years younger than I but the family names leap out and bring back memories long forgotten. Hollingdrake,

Board, Roach, Nightingale, Davis to mention just a few. In the month of January 2007 there is a picture of Bud and Edna Hollingdrake and her daughter

asks the question is anyone old enough to remember them.

I qualify on both counts, Bud cut my hair for years. I remember the barber shop was on the Springfield side of the building and later moved to the front.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I remember Edna singing at some social function, she had a lovely voice.

I will send you some photos from the past next time

Ken Hughes

Thanks Ken

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