Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photo Missing Buddha Bob

Hi Marty,

 I have to apologize on behalf of "Buddha Bob", he pulled a Stephen Harper and was indisposed for the original photo op. Like our Prime Minister "Buddha Bob" is full of @# IT. Father Bob and Rabbi Robert were so deep in conversation they never noticed he was missing. By the way, did I ever tell how Father Bob and Rabbi Robert met? (No, but I will now)

 It seems the two of them were on the Via train from Montreal to Toronto (OH, OH, sorry Normand I wasn't talking to Tonto I was on the phone with Toronto). But I digress.... seniors moment. Back to my story.... Father Bob and Rabbi Robert were on their way to Toronto for a conference on Buddhism vs Christianity on Facebook. They immediately gravitated to one another.

 As they traveled along they discussed each others religious similarities and differences.....

 Father Bob turned to Rabbi Robert and said.. "Excuse me Rabbi, I understand that in the Hebrew faith one does not eat pork?"

 Rabbi Robert: "Thats true Father Bob, it is against our religion"

 Father Bob: "Well, Rabbi Robert (Father Bob leans close to Rabbi Robert and whispers)... " between you and I, have you ever strayed and tried pork".

 Rabbi Robert: "Between you and I" he whispers... "I have"

 Some time later Rabbi Robert leans over to Father Bob and whispers.... "Tell me Father in the Catholic faith Priests must abstain from sex, is that not correct?"

 "Yes", says Father Bob, "Priest are abstinent"

 Rabbi Robert whispers, "Well tell me Father, between you and I, have you ever strayed and had sex with a woman?"

 "Between you and I Rabbi?"... "Yes I have" whispers Father Bob

 Rabbi Robert...... "Sure beats pork, doesn't it?"


Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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