Monday, April 20, 2009

Sewer Inspections

Hi Marty,

 I just received this photo of one of the Secret Service Sewer Inspectors (SSSI). Special Agent Normand "Chatters the III" who, posed as an Iranian camel jockey and managed infiltrate the sewers below the Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Plant Temple (INEPT). Chatters the III, along with his camel "Spitz" and pet sewer rat "Chewy", set up residence in the sewer line. 

After several weeks in the sewer Chatters the III noticed some unusual changes to his pet sewer rat then gradually his camel started to get smaller. Being an SSSI agent he was concerned about the INEPT workers recognizing him when he tried to leave for lunch but none of them payed attention to him as he rode out on his pet rat "Chewy". It seems the INEPT Iranians are accustomed to seeing rat jockeys around the plant.


Bob Hawkins

PS I sometimes wonder if anyone wastes their time reading this garbage I write.... but only sometimes

Thanks Bob

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