Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Simard Dairies

Sunday April 26th, 2009

 Dear Diary,

 Thanks to my Louise we have arrived at the great mountains here in Alberta. Perhaps we will find Buddha Bob and his Tibetan Temple what do you think Marty. We have to find the temple soon we only have 5 jugs of Queberac left it helps us when we sleep in the mini camper.


We searched the mountains for Buddha Bob but couldn't find him. Did you know Marty, they called a Lake here after my Louise. Such nice people in Alberta. Everyone I meet here tells me where to go Marty one man said to try BC they have many people from Asia there maybe they have Buddha Bobs temple too.


Normand S

PS Those mountains are very high Marty and steep too. I forgot to close the back door on my new mini camper and the bed fell out, twice Marty it fell on the highway. I don't understand why but people were panicking the RCMP even thought we were dropping bodies on the road very strange idea these RCMP have.


PS again Marty we didn't find Buddha Bob but we did find a stone carving of Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, Tony Clement and Peter MacKay.... very good look alike too Marty a carving all Canadians can be proud.


Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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