Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Simard Dairies

April 27th 2009

 Dear Diary,

 This search for Tibet is very hard. I got an email today from Father Bob he said if I need the spelling of Tibet to find Tibet on the map that I should look on my sign "Greenfield Park to Tibet" bless you Father Bob you are very kind. Excuse me Marty I have to go buy a map now.


We are in Vancouver now Marty. People are very friendly here too. A group of young people invited us to a party in the park. Very happy young people Marty everybody smiling smoking very relaxed. Tell my friend Richard W the cigarettes here smell like the old mans Gitane cigarettes. Does he think they buy them from the same guy in Kahnawake?



Normand S


PS Marty I hope Father Bob lets me find the Temple of Buddha Bob soon I am running out of stories. Good to see that Richard W reads about my travels it makes me feel good to know that Father Bob and I am not the only one from Greenfield Park that does not have a life.

Thanks Bob

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