Monday, April 27, 2009

Smokes are Cheap in Quebec..!!!!

Hello Marston,

The other day when Normand went to the city and met with the elder man, the old man was not smoking Gitane cigarettes as they are far too expensive.  Not magic cigarettes either, but Native cigarettes which smell between whacky tabaky, Gitanes and the burn pile.  Last year a bag (carton) of 200 cost $5 - $6, this year inflation has set in and the price is up to around $10.  The contents are a dash of tobacco, shavings, sawdust, twigs and leaves.  Native cigarettes are out producing the big tobacco companies easily.  On the reserve you are bedazzled by all the lights from the smoke shops - some say over a hundred.  It almost makes you want to start smoking again at those prices.


Richard W......................

Thanks Richard

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