Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Virtual Bike Trip to GPK News


 Just thought I would give you an up date and a unique twist.  I was having problems getting pictures of Eastend Saskatchewan where I expect to virtually be next week, so I e-mailed them asking if they had any photos.. I got a great reply from Ilse Upsher who created their Web Page. She checked out your web page as I made reference to what I was doing and where I was posting the photos.  She thought it was great..  She has inspired me to e mail every town as I come to them and ask if I can get photos along with a brief history.

   AAANNNDD  ...... Jean Gardner formerly of the Park and now living in Calgary e- mailed and said she was enjoying the bike ride.  She suggested I visited Waterous, Sask. I've always wanted to visit there, it has mineral water that is supposed to have healing properties.. At my age and sitting on a bike saddle for 3500k's, it sounds pretty good, eh?

This is getting exciting..


 Doug G

Thanks Doug

It sound like your trip will become famous..

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