Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Virtual Trip Update

Hey Marston

 I was just getting up a head of steam when I spotted this sign saying Elkwater only 35 kms away.. Any body been to Elk Water?   Do you have pictures you would want to share with us or stories?

 Its a long hard climb up the river bench. Hard to believe this was a massive water way thousands of years ago when the ice shield was melting. Still. nothing like two Black Angus Bulls loose on the prairie to provide enough motivation to climb any mountain range.  This adventure is just starting and I'm not about to end it by confusing "curiosity with "killer"  instinct. Once over the top, ( in record breaking time), the road ahead looks like a lot more than 35 kilometers now that the bulls are still at the bottom of the hill. I've got lots of Kms built up, what the heck, lets go for it.


Thanks Doug G.

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