Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome Lyn. I hope you make contact old friends here.

Hello Marty,

 I am an x CRHS, went in in 1972.  Nice to see old names.  Will be great for 2011.  Lived in GPK for 10 years.   Can you ad my e-mail on list and store.   What will be the events happening in 2011, do you have an idea yet.   I hung around Barfoots, Nasons, Kotsis, McKenzies, etc...........

 Thanks a lot and if any news, I am all ears to know what will be going on.  I went to Croyden reunion 2 years ago. Was a blast.

La Boutique du Parc store in St Lambert

 You can post it now.  It is a gift shop with Quebec Artisan, Canadian Artisan and a bit of Italian, German, Sweden and English articles.  I have numerous items for gifts, lots of fashion jewelry, candles, cards, bath products, trinket boxes, collectibles and kitchen articles.

 The address is:  440 Victoria, Saint Lambert, Quebec     450-465-5515

There you go in a nut shell, lol lol.   See what you can do and 15% to all x-Centennial people. 

 Thanks a lot and see ya in 2011.  It should be a blast.

 Bye for now.

 Lyn Rabey

Thanks Lyn

I hope the locals visit your store soon and those that return home from time to time take the time to visit you and your store.


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