Friday, May 01, 2009

The Big Tree in front of Millie's old house

Hello Marston,

 The only help I would be able to offer Normand is to steer clear of those high places.  In Tibet or the Rockies the lack of pressure on your head makes your brain swell, as you saw in one picture of Normand with the five rear ends (asses) he has almost lost control. 

 This I know from living proof - since we moved out here on the down slope of Covey Hill, near St. Chrazy-ostome in 1976, I got something which took about a year to be diagnosed.  The space cadet of St. Isidore junction said I had Optical Reckitoris (shitty outlook).  Also others told me my head was jammed up my ar#%se.  Normand, keep away from mountainous regions - get back to Greenfield Park.  Covey Hill is  700 or 800 hundred feet above sea level - you are treading in very thin air.  Tibet, thousands of feet high, Rockies ditto. 


Richard W............

 p.s.  I see that the tree in front of Millie's is still standing to this day.  Somebody told me, Marston, that some fellow fell out of that tree one night and broke a wrist or an arm.  Did you ever hear that story?

Thanks Richard,

I did hear that one but it wasn’t you or me…LOL We were too busy lifting the French Pastries from Provenchie Pharmacy at the end of our Gazette Route. Remember those Mille Failles??

I remember our stash was found by Stevie and Elton in our back yard tent and they ate them all.

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