Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bob is Riding his Bike Now

Hi Marty,

Yes sir folks I did it... bought a bike. Doug's Great Canadian Adventure inspired me.... just might kill me too... this morning I checked out all the fasteners, brakes, reflectors, tires and raised the seat in preparation of taking my first bicycle ride in some forty years... I took a test ride around the neighborhood .... its amazing the things I never noticed about my own neighborhood before... Huh! my street goes up hill...
I have no idea what I'll do when I encounter a grade of more than 2 degrees... I think my head will explode... those nice sociable neighbors you say "Good Morning" to every day..... they blow their horn and wave with one finger when you weave in front of them.... hell blowing the horn scared the poop out of me.....
rode by Appleby Mall at lunch time.... dumb move.... all the teens from Robert Bateman High were milling around... at first I thought they were cheering me on... Ha! Some 17 year old shot past me on his skateboard yelling "move you old fart"... no respect for their elders these kids today..... he'll be sorry when I charge the battery.... yes folks its an electric bike... I need all the help I can get going up a 2 degree hill.-- Bob Hawkins

PS Here is a picture of me and my bike complete with peppermint candy cane helmet. 40 years ago I never would have been seen like this but after 42 years of marriage all my Macho is gone. Good thing Pat doesn't read the blog or more than my Macho would be gone

Thanks Bob

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