Friday, May 01, 2009

Hat to GPK Virtual Trip

Hi Marston

 Getting warmer out here today, sun is shinning and it was up to plus 15  I'm still wandering among the ghost towns.  The post office and town jail looks like a drunken gaggle of cowhands could come busting out the door shooting their six guns in the air and shouting "Weee Haah"  Every thing else looks bone-dreary dead, their skeletons standing stark in the dry grass. 

Not a sound but the wind and it long ago stopped carrying voices or sounds of the land. It only adds to the empty feeling every where. One organization called The Red Coat Cattle Feeders Inc in Hazenmore just down the road started a custom feedlot in 1998 to reverse the depopulating of the whole south corner of Saskatchewan. 

The only visible effect so far is the 20,000, that’s twenty thousand, head of cattle the feedlot holds. (I wonder who counts these things) I don't think this is the population they had in mind but it's what they got plenty of now. Replaced the buffalo I suppose. Cattle are being accused of giving off greenhouse gases. . Don't we all...I keep wondering how many cattle equal one jet plane's trip worth of pollution  .. Just a lot of poop I say..

I'd leave that to the politicians.. the experts on hot air...

Its hard to imagine how we have an overpopulation problem when you see this much empty space... I haven't seen a car, cow or person for hours..


More on ghost towns tomorrow, then we should get to Shaunavon, and real live people.

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 Doug G

 Pictures courtesy of Chris Attrell

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