Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual trip

Good morning Marston

report # 19 ... somewhere on the road to Assiniboia, Sask.

I was literally " running with the wind" yesterday with a 55 km wind out of the west. My speed on the computer was pushing 42 kmph at times.. Wee Ha!!
Good thing there was no one else as crazy on the trails....

The wind was a forerunner for a massive cloud bank with columnar clouds looking like atom bomb blasts reaching straight up to the heavens. This generally means thunder storms and hail. but it turned into face ripping rain. Guess every day is not going to be sun and roses.

This part of the country is still rarely seen by any one but cowboys and the occaissional lost tourist. Very seldom do you see the farmers, yet evidence of their work is all around, I.E the stacked round bales of hay. They are brown which means they are last year's crop. This year's is just begining to emerge from the ground giving the hills a beautiful Irish green flavour. The cattle are sure enjoying the warm sun and fresh feed after the long winter.

I going to head north to Gravelbourg then swing around to Swift Current so as to access hwy 4 up across Lake Diefenbaker and all the way to Bigger, Sask. Any one following any of this on a map? Just curious>>

Doug G

Road to Assinabioa, is courtesy of Dean Shareski, Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike
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Thanks Doug G.

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