Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual trip

Morning Marston

Well here it is! Le Bon Homme Carnival. O.K. its low budget, no Mr. Bon Homme, no ice carvings, no poutine and its in the summer time. But look at all the enthusiasm and no traffic to fight with. And they have dancing girls and Sharon Butala Remember her... She is the writter from East End... Hey, this is rural South Saskatchen. Who were you expecting.. Celin Dion ...

Every town from the biggest to the smallest has an event of some kind. You`ve surely heard of the Calgary Stampede, Regina Buffalo Days, Edmonton Klondike Days, They all have a parade, followed by a rodeo, carnival midway, agricultural exhibits, free pancakes with sausages breakfast and lots of hot dogs stands. The same thread bare and busted cowboys riding the same angry horses along with with the same crickety ferris wheel show up at all of them and when the summer or places to go runs out, then they head south for the winter to do the circut down there. I don`t know where the practice started but its as common as coyotes and cactus out here. It`s a common practice for all the locals to plan their vacations so they are far away when all the tourists and circus hit the town. They hang on to their solitude and independence something fierce.

Gotta tell you Marty, I probably picked the worst year in Canadian history to peddle on the prairies. We`re half way through May and winter won`t let up. They had snow in Edmonton andd Calgary yesterday and that wind coming from the west has a mean-spirited bite to it. If I could find an extension cord long enough, I would get an electric heater installed on this here mountain bike

Catch you later as I head over to Swift Current

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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