Monday, May 11, 2009

Homes around GPK


 That seemed to go through.

 Group F.  The first two are shots taken on Victoria. The second one was taken near the spot where the boys in the boat photo was taken about 70 years ago and is shown on p.82 in my book.

 The fourth photo is of Paul Boudreau standing in front of his house on Greenfield Ave. His house was one of the four types of houses built by Alban Perras. The first were the row houses on Third, the second group were across the street from the row houses.


The third group were intended to be finished by the purchaser. They included the frame, plumbing and roof and sold for about $2,000. Paul told me there was one on Greenfield between Little Empire and Elm. He said it had an artificial stone front. I found two houses with that fronting so I took shots of both of them. If anyone knows of any other of these houses in the Park let me know.

 Paul's was the last type. These were little red  brick houses of which there are six or seven spread  around the town. They were finished by Mr. Perras' workers before selling them.

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