Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ingersoll Festival

Hi Marston
Ingersoll Ontario is a 10 minute drive east of London.Once known for making a "Big (apparently award winning) Cheese" they are trying to move away from their past history and have a couple of festivals on the go.

One such festival is their Canterbury Folk Festival which is well worth attending. live about 15 minutes directly North in Happy Hills. A small retirement resort / seasonal camp ground.Today we received this booklet in the mail for which I have scanned the cover and attached.

It is the Parks & Recreation Planner issued by the town of Ingersoll.On it you see a montage of the Canterbury Folk Festival from last summer and two people we know.Sharon & Dave Rye.I circled them and penned in arrows. Dave is the one in the hat.

I am not as adept at the photo shop thing as friend Normand so I hope everyone can see them.I know they will be SOooo happy when they find out I passed this onKeep up the good work.
Dave Walsh
Happy hills Resort

Thanks Dave

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