Monday, May 25, 2009

Just a Dog

Hi Marty

As an animal lover, I find the phrase 'Just a dog' speaks volumes about the person who said it.
Stephanie just spent over $1,000. at the Vet, in the last month on her dog 'Harley'. He is 10 years old and has been her companion for that long. If he was 'Just a dog' to her, she would have put him down long before now, because when she got him she made a commitment to care for him because he cannot do it himself. I wish that for every dog.
The saddest thing I see everyday is dogs tied-up to chains, where it's visible that food bowls and water bowls are turned upside down. Personally I see it as a no problem solution for the owners, tie up the dogs and forget them. These dogs have no socialization and only want to be free of the chains that keep them there. They become the misfits of the neighbourhood when they do get loose because they don't know their boundaries; but that's OK I guess because their owners are 'Just people" urrrggggggggg!

Have a nice day

Thanks Penny F.

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