Saturday, May 16, 2009

Looking for small apartment

A good freind of mine recently accepted a position in Brossard to teach air traffic controllers. He is looking for a place to lay his head to avoid a long commute to Cornwall - he is retired from the federal goverment and has many references including me- he is looking for cozy little room with a shower, kitchenette and room enough for a comfortable bed and a desk... maybe a basement apartment for privacy... central air would be nice
- he will need the room only 4 days a week as he will travel up from Cornwall on Mondays and always spend weekends in Cornwall
- he will also be doing a fair amount of travelling out of the country
- If time permits, he could even help the landlord once in a while with small handyman type projects

Can you please put this on the blog as the Park would be ideal and then this good friend would see how wonderful my hometown is - maybe one of the bloggers has a place or can suggets somewhere

The person to contact is

Bill Wood at

if you have a place to offer


Barb Carver ( nee Went)

Thanks Barb
I hope someone can help your friend

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