Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hi Marty,

In the process of sorting through "stuff" that hasn't seen the light of day for years, I came across a number of treasures and have attached images of some of these items. Perhaps they may stir up some memories amongst your bloggers.

1. An 'Honorary Membership Card' to the East Greenfield Teen & twenty Club, signed by Larry Neale.
2. A membership card, (#35), to Chamberlin's Chatter Club, dated 9 April 1960 and signed by Doreen Jeary.
3. Bob Odel's autograph, (of The Thunderbirds, we appeared with them in Montreal), written on the back of a school fee receipt signed by Doug Hadley.
4. A $0.50 admission ticket, (#245) to a dance at Vincent Massey School Gym. Featuring the Park-Aires Orchestra.
5. A newpaper clipping about the Park-Aires at the Greenfield Park Youth Centre.
Some of the photos will be sent later.
George P.

Thanks George

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