Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Arrival

Well, here is the new man in my life, and Larry does not mind a bit. He arrived yesterday at 2:25 in the afternoon as I was stall cleaning and since I was the only one home, I assisted with the delivery which went great. Nerve wracking at the time, but very rewarding after it is over. He is a large fella, very friendly, frisky and healthy. I have not decided on a name yet but it has to start with D, E, or F, any ideas? I am attaching some photos of him, his mother Jildou in the background, and of course me up close and personal. No one should have this much fun.
I am sending this in three e-mails, seems my computer cannot handle three attachments at once.

Heather Hubbard Cooper
The crazy horse lady

Thanks Heather

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