Friday, May 15, 2009

Old GPK Pics

Hi Marty - Visited with Kendall Rattray yesterday and he asked that I forward these old photos of Greenfield Park that had been sent to him earlier this year by his family. We are unsure of the dates, but one is of Churchill Blvd looking towards Springfield. I think that's the old town hall and Hollingdrake's in the background. Another is of Springfield Ave - but I am not sure what direction it is facing. There is an old photo of Royal George School with the playing field in the back, taken from the Fairfield side, probably by Winston Swinwood from his front porch. The shot of the corner of Devonshire near Churchill shows an BA Station where the Chambly County Transport Garage was later located, and Smith's store in the background. The last shot is a mystery to me - it shows a pleasant and (in my memory at least) typical Park Street - but we can't figure out which one. Maybe some of our bloggers can help. Kendall - who sends his best to folks - saya that the pics run from the late 30's to the early 50's. Hope they find their way to you, and that they provoke fond memories for many.
Best Gus

Thanks Gus and Kendall

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