Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reminiscing about GPK Days

Hi Marty,

Just wondering if the "Ancient Order of Foresters" (among others) still exists in GPk! I hope Normand is passing on copies of Gerry Fogarty's records to John Riley if he doesn't already have them in archives. According to Normand's copy of 1958 Lovell Directory, the house at 502 Empire belonged to Alex Lukas (presumably husband of Mrs. Lukas). I especially remember going to her house on Halloween 1957 (while in Grade 8) with Carol Demers-Godefroy. She said to us "aren't you girls a bit old to be going out?" Both of us being so short figured we could get away with it. It was my last "trick or treating" outing.

Mrs. Lukas' most famous student, Mike McMahon, went on to study in Europe, be a great accompanist/vocal coach, teacher at McGill. He was one of the judges on the first "Bathroom Divas" series on Bravo TV. In his student days he was organist and choir director at GPk United Church -- I think Beth Robins-Freeman, Debbie Burnett, Robert Trudel et al would have been in the choir then. Mike lives in N.D.G. and came to GPk. to play a special song at Doris Burnett's funeral service a few years ago.

Enough reminiscing for today.

Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda

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