Friday, May 01, 2009

The Simard Dairies

April 30th, 2009

 Dear Diary,

 We are up the mountains today for Buddha Bob's Temple. Boy these mountains are big. They call them the Himalaya's Marty but they are changing the name. A womens group complained that the name was to masculine so they are going to call the mountains the Peopalaya's.


This is my Yak. Marty I thought YAK was a long distance company. Its not Marty its a BIG animal. Marty it looks like a cross between a buffalo and a girl used to date. Just kidding Marty. It is real ugly but they have a nice gentle personality Mr. Singh told me. Do you think its true?


Normand S


PS Mr. Singh said if the Yak does not behave I can eat him, the Yak that is, he said they are very good on the BBQ. Also Marty, I was going to find Buddha Bob today and start going back to my beloved Greenfield Park but I am having too much fun. Maybe I will find him Friday. I think maybe I will go home a different way. What is Israel like in May Marty?

Thanks Buddha Bob

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