Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Simard Dairies

Friday May 1st, 2009


Dear Diary, with all the problems of copy write infringement I do not want my good friend Marty to get in trouble so I decided to fudge my picture of my meeting with Buddha Bob. It is just a little white lie. Bet you can't tell Marty so no one will know.


Do you remember the little boy Louise and I found at her lake in Alberta, well Marty he was so happy to have people who care about him that we decided to bring him with us. Marty he was so excited he started to dress like me, he dyed his hair like mine and Marty he types on the computer with the CAPS LOCK key on. Pretty good eh Marty. We call him Mini No after me Normand get it Marty.


As you can tell by the photo Marty we have arrived at Buddha Bob's Temple and Bed and Breakfast he calls it B&B Temple. Thats my Rent-a-Yak behind us. And Marty Buddha Bob says that to welcome us to the B&B Temple he will have a BBQ for all the guests. I hope he is not going to cook my Yak the rental agent at the Rent-a-Yak Company said there is a charge of 2 dollars a pound if I don't return with my Yak. He is pretty big Marty I could go broke and we will have to move in with you.



Normand S


PS Marty did you know that Buddha Bob is really the alter-ego of Rabbi Robert and that Rabbi Robert is the alter-ego of Father Bob. Also Marty I heard Father Bob is the alter-ego of our friend Bob Hawkins. I think Bob may have a real identity problem Marty. I noticed that sometimes he forgets who he is when he writes my diary. Poor guy.


PS again Marty Louise, Mini No and me will be starting for home tomorrow.


Thanks Buddha Bob

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