Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1927 Business Ratings


Mr, Robert Stalport, a resident of GPK for 40 years found a very interesting book recently. It is a book from 1927 that rated every business in the province of Quebec. He was nice enough to photocopy the sections on Greenfield Park, St. Lambert, St. Lambert Annex (now part of St. Hubert or Brossard), Montreal South and Longueuil for me. Here are the sections on Greenfield Park and St. Lambert along with the key that rates the value of each business. He didn't photocopy the page with the strange code written before the name of each business but I'll get that as well. I'll send the Longueuil and Montreal South sections later.

Maybe the names will bring back memories and stories if any of those businesses were still going in the 1950s and 60s. I noticed some Greenfield Park family names in other towns. Perras and Mercer in St. Lambert and Goldthorpe in St. Lambert Annex. Maybe someone can point out the connection to the Park.

Tell Ken Cobb I took the photo of his old home and it'll be coming soon.

John R.

Thanks John

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